Senou Samson Francis Degbegni

2019 Fellow from Benin

Senou Degbegni has over a decade of experience in youth education and community project management.  Senou is currently the CEO of Alpha Strengths Coaching, where he uses his expertise as a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach to work with young people who are struggling with self-esteem, assisting them in recognizing their untapped potential and navigating their path forward.  Senou is also the Africa program lead at Macrobiotics Global Institute (MGI) and serves as deputy secretary in charge of human resources for the non-governmental organization New Type of Citizens (NTC).  Senou holds a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences and a master's degree in local development.  Senou aspires to develop transformative leadership programs tailored for young African minds, with the goal of awakening youth's inherent potential and guiding them toward positive and lasting contributions to their communities.  Senou attributes his professional advancement to the opportunities he gained through the Mandela Washington Fellowship, particularly the valuable networking experiences it provided.

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