Seydina Ndiaye

2018 Fellow from Senegal

Seydina M. Ndiaye is an activist and a digital transformation and social change advocate whose activities include mentoring, empowering youth, and community building. Seydina is West Africa project manager and cofounder of AfricTivistes, a pan-African cyberleague of bloggers, cyberactivists, journalists, and civil society organizations that use digital technology to promote democracy, good governance, accountability, and civic engagement. He leads programs that promote youth development, especially those concerned with civic engagement, social transformation, and ownership and promotion of public narratives through digital technology and the media. He also leads an online advocacy campaign for data privacy and safety, digital literacy, digital human rights, and ethics in technology. A 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow, Seydina believes that the Fellowship inspired him to get out of his comfort zone and to take more initiatives on behalf of his community. It also allowed him to create strong relationships with other African leaders and to build his professional network.

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