Shaban Senyange

2018 Fellow from Uganda

Shaban Senyange, a self-proclaimed nature boy, is a conservationist and travel journalist from Uganda. Shaban is the creator, host, and producer of ECOZONE, a wildlife and travel show that seeks to create awareness about environment and wildlife conservation through travel. By merging travel and conservation themes, the show was recognized as the 2016/2017 Best Tourism Program at the Uganda Tourism Excellence Awards. Shaban was honored as the 2016/2017 Best Tourism Supporting Journalist at the Ekkula Tourism Awards. In addition, Shaban has worked with a variety of organizations at the forefront of biodiversity and environmental conservation, public health, and community development in Uganda. He currently works on several campaigns, including Hike for Maternal Life, an initiative providing support to mothers in remote hospital facilities, and Greening Schools, of which he is an ambassador, a campaign which works with schools to restore forest cover in Uganda. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Health and a Master of Science in Safety, Health, and Environment. Shaban believes that human health and environmental sustainability are interconnected. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans to continue working at the human-wildlife nexus, especially with communities most affected by human-wildlife conflicts, public health, and climate change in Uganda and beyond. He will continue to use media as a platform not only to inform and create awareness but also to empower communities.

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