Simon Wanjiru

2021 Fellow from Kenya

Simon Wanjiru has more than five years of experience in community development. Currently, he is the founder and senior project manager at Leap Empowerment Development Initiative Kenya, a grassroots community-based organization focusing on interventions in food and nutrition security; community health and sanitation; empowerment of youth, women, and children; business training (including agribusiness); and environmental conservation. Simon also has more than two years' experience as a policy and advocacy officer focusing on the development, review, and implementation of agricultural policies, regulations, and standards. He has been involved in volunteer work for more than 10 years in the areas of women's and girls' empowerment, environmental conservation, and sports. Simon holds a bachelor's degree in Community Resource Management and Extension. He is committed to representing the voice of the voiceless in agriculture policy and partnering with communities to help them lead highly dignified lives. On completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Simon plans to continue helping communities, especially those in marginalized areas, achieve food and nutrition security; helping women and girls access healthcare; educating farmers on the policymaking process, and expanding his organization into a national non-governmental organization so its solutions can reach more people.

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