Teslima Jallow

2018 Fellow from The Gambia

Teslima Jallow is an aspiring activist and a community development devotee with more than nine years’ experience working with communities in developing life-transforming, self-led programs. Teslima has volunteered with several organizations within and outside of The Gambia, offering valuable services to young people and communities. A 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow, he is in his final year as a Development Studies major at the University of The Gambia. Teslima currently works with the African Youth Commission, organizing youth for the promotion of unity and development. He is program assistant for the African Union’s Agenda 2063. He recently joined Gambia Participates, a not-for-profit organization that aims to enhance citizens’ engagement in governance and promote public administration. As programs manager of that organization, Teslima is responsible for initiating and coordinating programs and activities and for policy development. Teslima also serves as the National Youth Delegate of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

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