Thokozile Nhlumayo

2021 Fellow from South Africa

A politician and human rights activist with 10 years of experience, Thokozile Eulanda Nhlumayo is the executive secretary of the International Youth Parliament, an organization that Thokozile co-founded that has spread to more than 35 countries in Africa. The organization advocates for meaningful inclusion of young people in leadership and decision-making roles, and equips and empowers young people with leadership skills and experience. With a passion for social justice and human rights, Thokozile has been appointed secretary general of the Youth Against Slavery Movement, an organization that works to prevent human trafficking and contemporary forms of slavery globally. Additionally, Thokozile is the deputy country director of the African Youth Union Commission in South Africa. Thokozile plans to build a leadership academy that will offer innovative curricula to aspiring leaders, producing results-oriented leaders who apply critical thinking to social issues.

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