Trish Tatenda Hakata

2019 Fellow from Zimbabwe

Trish Hakata, a former banker turned impact entrepreneur, has over six years of experience in inclusive community and business.  Trish is currently the owner of 23 On Oxford, a venue complex in Newlands, Harare, which houses 7-8 female-owned businesses that also benefit from The GoGetter Movement, an organisation that she founded.  Trish owns three organisations: The GoGetter Movement, a network of young, leading women committed to changing lives, celebrating excellence, and nurturing generations; Thymeless Gourmet, a farm-to-fork restaurant that also provides and delivers corporate lunches; and GoGetter Gifts, a bespoke gift shop that specialises in providing unique, memorable, and personalised "any time" and corporate gifts.  She is the curator of the Global Shapers Community, a World Economic Forum initiative.  Trish has a Bachelor of Science honours degree in political science and a Master of Science degree in leadership and corporate governance.  She is passionate about creating an environment that enables young women to thrive.  She credits the Mandela Washington Fellowship with empowering her and allowing her to turn a rough idea into a clear vision aimed at ensuring that young women's economic development is prioritised.

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