Vanessa Metou-Mouini

2016 Fellow from Republic of the Congo

Vanessa Metou has over seven years'experience in activism and civic engagement in various fields, including education, socio-culture, and youth rights. Currently, she serves as the National Youth Council's secretary in charge of legal affairs, where she is committed to defending the rights of the Congolese youth. Passionate about youth issues, she shows her leadership by reaching out and engaging with students and underprivileged youth in her community on a daily basis. She volunteers at the International University of Brazzaville, a private local university where she is chairperson of the students, and mentors younger students in the subject of law. Vanessa holds a master's degree in International Criminal Law and is a member of the Technical Council of University. Once back in the Congo, she plans to create a nongovernmental youth organization with a focus on the rights of young people.

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