Vera Maulidi

2022 Fellow from Malawi

Vera Maulidi has three years of experience in youth work and four years of experience in public health work. Vera currently is environmental health officer in the Ministry of Health at the Zomba District Health Office, where she advocates for preventive healthcare. In addition to her core duties, she coordinates all activities related to integrated disease surveillance and response for Zomba District. She has worked with both rural and urban populations in Malawi to improve the lives of others. She has held motivational talks and career-building sessions, through which she has reached at least 1,000 young people. She has volunteered with Vision Grow Foundation, which works to empower young boys. Vera holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health from the University of Malawi. She believes that there is great power in knowledge transfer; as such, when she returns home after the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, she hopes to share the lessons and skills she gained with her formal and informal networks. She expects to build a strong network during the Fellowship for both business and professional development, which will help her view developmental issues from a global perspective.

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