Virginie Moussa Minda Epse Danwe

Field of Study: Public Management

Cohort: 2018

Country: Cameroon

Leadership Institute: Bridgewater State University

Virginie Moussa Minda Espse Danwe has more than nine years of experience in educational sciences, administration, and educational planning. Currently, Virginie is head of the department of school mapping and guidance counseling at the Northern Regional Delegation for Secondary Education in Cameroon, where she works on a statistical database that is used for educational policymaking. As a volunteer, she has trained women in leadership and rural entrepreneurship skills, taught women’s rights, and mentored girls in STEAM (science, technology, arts, and mathematics). Virginie holds master’s degrees in Educational Sciences, Economics, and Guidance and Counseling Practices. She is committed to ending gender-based violence and to reducing women’s and youth’s vulnerability to violence, extremism, and terrorism. Virginie credits the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, which she received in 2018, with giving her the courage and methods to take action while facing injustice and with improving her public speaking and storytelling skills.