Wilheim Napsy Okoko

2018 Fellow from Republic of the Congo

Wilheim Napsy Okoko has over eight years' experience in telecommunications, civil aviation, and oil and gas industry services. Currently, Wilheim is a measurements specialist at Schlumberger and an independent consultant with Deloitte East Africa, where he supports strategic planning to develop clients' markets and promotes community projects. In these roles, he aims to diversify market opportunities for new ventures capitalists to create a better business environment. He also wants to support youth career mentorship. Wilheim holds a degree in Electronics and an Airline Transport Pilot license. He is driven by a passion to see youth working on projects, developing skills, and building confidence. Additionally, he wants to empower marginalized rural farmers through innovative projects. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Wilheim plans to empower 1,000 youth through mentorship and increase economic growth in the Republic of the Congo by working with farmers.

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