Xangamira Sitoe

2021 Fellow from Mozambique

Xangamira Salvador Sitoe has a year of experience producing organic fertilizer. Currently, Xangamira is the founder and general director of Green Soil Ltd., a company in Mozambique that produces and sells organic fertilizer. Xangamira heads project planning and coordinates and monitors the production sector of the company. She was a volunteer assistant at the Centro Pequena Obra da Divina Providência Dom Orione in Maputo, where she helped provide social assistance and occupational therapy for children with disabilities. Xangamira has a degree in Agribusiness Management from the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane. Through the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Xangamira hopes to strengthen her network of contacts and reinforce her business skills so that she can employ more young people and create more companies. After finishing the Fellowship, Xangamira intends to expand her company, create more jobs, and promote sustainable agriculture and consumption of organic foods in Mozambique. Ultimately, she would like to create an occupational therapy center that uses art to improve the quality of life of people with chronic diseases and that helps people with disabilities find jobs.

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