Ziadath Agnike Achimi

2019 Fellow from Benin

Ziadath Achimi is a Water-Energy-Food Nexus specialist with a passion for climate change solutions and UN Sustainable Development Goals. As the CE0 of Blue and Green Engineering and Founder of Women for Water Climate and Environment Organization, Ziadath aims to provide sustainable and innovative solutions for providing access to water and energy in rural and peri-urban parts of Africa. She has more than seven years of experiences on rural community and youth project management, focusing specifically on integrated water resource management; climate change education; water, hygiene and sanitation; girls' education; and women's empowerment on sustainable agriculture and clean energy. She has coordinated several projects in partnership with the International Secretariat for Water, the African Union, and the German Society for International Cooperation. With the support of the USADF, she is working directly with rural communities in Benin to provide sustainable and affordable access to clean water for drinking, hydro-agricultural development and production.

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