Zuwena Mohamed Kikoti

2016 Fellow from Tanzania

Zuwena Kikoti has been working with the wildlife division of Tanzania for nine years. She is an environmental and protection area expert. Currently, Zuwena supervises tourism development activities in Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), open areas, and village lands in Northern Tanzania. Her role is to ensure equitable benefit-sharing from tourism investments, where her duties involve supervising rangers and village game scouts, visiting villagers and investors for consultation, and the implementation of common goals and targets. Zuwena holds a master's degree in Environmental Management and Development from Australian National University and an MSc in Management of Protected Areas from Alpen Adria Universität. She focused on ecosystem services, benefit-sharing schemes and community participation in wildlife management. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Zuwena plans on strengthening benefit-sharing schemes to gain community-will against wildlife poaching as well as sensitizing and empowering women participation in wildlife management initiatives, especially in WMAs.

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