Ongoing Opportunities for Alumni

To enable Alumni participation in global events and strengthen professional connections aligned with their career interests, the Fellowship offers support to the Alumni Network for ongoing short-term and discretionary opportunities.  These ongoing opportunities vary and may include in-person, virtual, or hybrid format events; be open to Fellows across Sub-Saharan Africa or specific countries; and have varying levels of funding to support Alumni participation.  Additionally, these opportunities are often developed in partnership and collaboration with members of the Alumni Network, allowing Alumni to give back to and strengthen the broader Fellowship Community.

Event advertisement, reading 2021 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum. Disability and Inclusion: Every Leader's Responsibility. Speaker: Samantha Sibanda, Founder, Signs of Hope Trust, Zimbabwe
2019 Fellowship Alumna Samantha Sibanda was a speaker at the 2021 WILD Forum through an Alumni Opportunity.

These opportunities continue to strengthen the Fellowship Network by:

  • Amplifying Alumni voices by helping raise their profiles, expertise, and platforms in ways that benefit their careers, the Fellowship Community, and diverse partner networks;
  • Exposing Alumni to their peers in diverse industries and sectors across the continent and around the world, connecting the broader Fellowship Community to high-level professional networks; and
  • Further developing Alumni’s technical expertise, which is shared across the Fellowship Network through knowledge-sharing activities.

As these opportunities become available, the Fellowship’s Alumni Team will advertise opportunities to the broader Alumni Network, and will reach out to Alumni whose profiles and interests are a good match for specific opportunities.  Alumni can log into the Fellowship Portal to learn more about opportunities that may be currently open.

Learn About Past Opportunities

International Leadership Association logo; blue globe with letters ILA in cursive to the right

International Leadership Association Global Conference

In November 2020, 25 Alumni were sponsored by the Fellowship to participate in the International Leadership Association’s (ILA) first-ever global virtual conference, enabling them to attend a world-class leadership conference without the strains of travel.  Learn more.

Women Innovators & Leaders (WILD) Network Logo; 5 multicolored person icons above org name

WILD Forum

In May 2021, 15 Alumni were sponsored to participate in the Women Innovators & Leaders (WILD) Network’s 2021 Virtual Forum, the world’s first and largest forum designed to advance women’s leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Learn more.

TGR Foundation: A Tiger Woods Charity


In July 2020 and 2021, 19 Alumni educators were sponsored to attend the TGR Foundation’s three-day Virtual STEM Studio. Through this opportunity, these educators were trained on the fundamentals of inquiry-based STEM learning, gained access to monthly digital follow-up workshops through 2021, and received both printed course materials and a two-year license to access the TGR Foundation’s curriculum resources and community forum. Learn more.

SEED SPOT Launch Camp

In March 2021, two Alumni were sponsored to attend SEED SPOT’s Launch Camp, a virtual two-day business incubation program for early-stage social entrepreneurs. This opportunity featured business-building workshops, mentorship, a peer cohort of impact-driven social entrepreneurs, a pitch event, and personalized support and resources to help start or pivot impact businesses.