Share Stories About COVID in Your Community

Attention Fellowship Alumni and Reciprocal Exchange Awardees:  We are so proud to see the work you are doing in response to COVID-19, and we were hoping some of you might be willing to share some information about your work with us so we can feature it on the Fellowship website and social media.

A few details we’d be interested in hearing more about:

  • Are you a doctor or a public health professional?
  • Are you a public servant?
  • Are you a business owner who has been impacted by the pandemic?  How are you supporting customers?
  • Are you conducting a sensitization campaign?  Are you supporting marginalized groups to ensure they get access to important information about COVID-19?
  • Were you involved in efforts to address the Ebola crisis in 2014, or any other public health crisis since then?

Please send information and any relevant images or graphics to with a subject line “COVID-19 Update: [NAME].”  We’re looking forward to hearing how your Fellowship experience impacted the activities and work you are implementing now.