Sarah Mulwa

2016 Fellowship Alumna, Botswana

Confronting Gender-Based Violence with the Power of Community

If a community comes together, it can protect their own. However, we need to remind the community time and time again to protect each other.  This is the reason I do the work I do.”

Sarah Mulwa, 2016 Fellowship Alumna, Botswana
Sarah smiles for the camera and holds a small solar panel and light at a work bench

Through her work in both the energy and social sectors, 2016 Fellowship Alumna Sarah Mulwa is empowering women and girls and extending inclusion in rural Botswana. Her organization’s Marang a Thato (Sunlight for Education) program assembles and donates solar lamps for students without electricity in rural areas with high rates of gender-based violence (GBV). Not only does Sarah’s program help improve school grades, but the program also eliminates the daily purchase of paraffin candles, ensures female-headed households full lighting at night to ward off danger, and delivers marketable skills for financial independence from abusive partners.

Learn more about Sarah’s work in this YALI Network blog post.

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