Alfred Kankuzi

2017 Fellowship Alumnus, Malawi

Mandela Washington Fellow develops app to fight COVID-19 disinformation in Africa

Screenshots of COVID NEBA app

To counter misinformation about COVID-19, 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumnus Alfred Kankuzi is taking action to provide accurate information to as many Malawians as possible.  His app, COVID-19 NEBA, breaks language barriers by providing useful information in three languages: Chichewa, Tumbuka, and English.

We need to feel, relate, think and be in the shoes of our communities for the greater good, and not personal gain.  This is what the University of Notre Dame and the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders has taught me.”

Alfred Kankuzi, 2017 Fellowship Alumnus

Learn more in this article from the University of Notre Dame’s Pulte Institute for Global Development.

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