Edem Dorothy Ossai

2016 Fellowship Alumna, Nigeria

Nigeria needs a gender-responsive approach to education in emergencies

Photo Credit: The Brookings Institution

Historically, girls’ education has always been vulnerable to crises, as the barriers to access and learning that girls already face under normal conditions are often exacerbated in times of emergency. One way to ensure that girls’ learning is not disrupted during emergencies is to prioritize their needs and integrate gender-responsive and gender-transformative approaches into education in emergency (EiE) planning. And yet there is limited research in Nigeria—where nearly two-thirds of the out-of-school population has been female—to understand how girls are affected by efforts to safely ensure access to quality education during emergencies…

Learn more about how 2016 Alumna Edem Dorothy Ossai‘s research addresses these issues in this article from The Brookings Institution.

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