Bongekile Matsenjwa

2021 Fellowship Alumna, Eswatini

Overcoming Stereotypes and Becoming a Female Engineer

Women need to start believing that as more of us make our way to the top, more of us make [up] the top. Women themselves need to build each other up and empower the next generation of female engineers.”

Bongekile Matsenjwa, 2021 Fellowship Alumna, Eswatini

2021 Fellowship Alumna Bongekile Matsenjwa is the director of WomEng Eswatini, a nonprofit organization established to develop the next generation of women leaders in the engineering industry. While being a female engineer professional in a male-dominated industry comes with many challenges, Bongekile believes that she and other female engineers are role models who will inspire the next generation.

In this YALI Network blog post, she speaks about her career journey and counters stereotypes that hinder women and girls from taking on STEM careers.

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