Steve Zita

2015 Fellowship Alumnus, DRC

YALI Voices Podcast: Steve Zita Mentors Youth to be Successful Business Leaders

When I look for young people to support or businesses to help grow, the first thing I look at is character, ambition, passion, and integrity. Because as much as we want to invest in your business, we also want to invest in you and make sure that we are working with the right person… Your business idea, as important as it is, it’s second rate. We want to make sure that you are the right guy, and that you will serve as an example to the ones behind you.”

Steve Zita, 2015 Fellowship Alumnus, Democratic Republic of the Congo

By day, Steve Zita, 2015 Fellowship Alumnus from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), serves as Head of Internal Controls for Citibank in the DRC. But he is also invested in his community, working through the Elikia Foundation, a startup incubator for local youth, to provide mentorship and training to local youth.

Learn more about how Steve invests in local youth to spur the local economy and make a difference in the next generation in this YALI Voices podcast. Read the full transcript of the podcast.

Fellowship Alumni and selected candidates for 2021 who are interested in learning more about this topic are encouraged to take the The Path to Job Readiness: Essential Skills to Increase Youth Employment course through the Fellowship Portal.  Learn more about the course.

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