Timothy Undiandeye

2019 Fellowship Alumnus, Nigeria

Tackling Gender-Based Violence Through the Arts

2 women and 1 man pose for a photo in front of a mural; they wear matching orange shirts that say "arts against gender-based violence"
Jennifer, Asli, and Timothy pose for a photo during the workshop.

The arts have power to find common ground, bring down walls, and force crucial conversations that lead to reflection and positive change. Art unites us, regardless of our differences and experiences. I believe that tapping into the therapeutic power of the arts, and exploring the intersections of the arts with other disciplines holds burgeoning power to deliver non-linear solutions for many social problems. The Mandela Washington Fellowship has amplified my voice in using art as a tool for cultural diplomacy.”

Timothy Undiandeye, 2019 Fellowship Alumnus, Nigeria

In July 2022, Timothy Undiandeye, a 2019 Fellowship Alumnus from Nigeria, hosted Jennifer Corey and Asli Arslanbek from Drexel University for a Reciprocal Exchange in Calabar, Nigeria. During the project, they gathered survivors of gender-based violence (GBV), gender rights advocates from civil society and public sectors, counselors, and community and youth leaders for dance and art therapy workshops. The workshops were designed to promote self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, enhance social skills, and relieve stress while working with victims and survivors of GBV.

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