Calvin Manika

2023 Fellowship Alumnus, Zimbabwe

Telling Real Stories

2023 Fellowship Alumnus Calvin Manika (second right) with the Street Sense Media editorial team.

My experience working at Street Sense for this past month has strengthened my belief in not only the power of journalism but in the importance of covering issues that impact marginalized communities.”

Calvin Manika, 2023 Fellowship Alumnus, Zimbabwe

After completing his Leadership in Civic Engagement Institute at Michigan State University this summer, 2023 Fellowship Alumnus Calvin Manika completed a Professional Development Experience (PDE) with Street Sense Media in Washington, DC. Street Sense aims to end homelessness in the Washington, DC area by using a range of media platforms to raise awareness and spotlight solutions to homelessness.

In Zimbabwe, Calvin runs a publication called The Besana Mail, reporting on children’s issues and serving marginalized communities. Both The Besana Mail and Street Sense give their target audiences a platform and space to change lives through developmental and solutions journalism. He says, “It is about more than just news and stories, it’s also about building a platform and valuing diversity.”

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