Phyllis Nek Kyomuhendo

2019 Fellowship Alumna, Uganda

These Ugandan startups are intent on saving lives

With M-SCAN, we hope to make sure that maternal mortality, especially due to conditions that can be scanned and detected early, is a thing of the past.”

Phyllis Kyomuhendo, 2019 Fellowship Alumna, Uganda

A CNN: Inside Africa piece features three startup founders who are tackling Uganda’s biggest medical and health care challenges by relying on personal experience to develop cutting-edge ideas to improve their communities. One of these innovators is 2019 Fellowship Alumna Phyllis Kyomuhendo, director and co-founder at the startup, M-SCAN Uganda.

Through M-SCAN Uganda, Phyllis and her team develop low-cost mobile ultrasound devices to combat maternal and neonatal mortality in low resource settings. To date, M-SCAN has performed ultrasounds on 1,600 women and detected more than 500 complications.

Learn more in this video feature from CNN: Inside Africa.

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