Juliet Odhiambo

2018 Fellowship Alumna, Kenya

YALI Voices Podcast: Juliet Odhiambo Says Financial Literacy is the Key to Economic Success

Young people are not taught about money, but they learn by seeing … no one is intentional about sitting them down and talking about finances.”

Juliet Odhiambo, 2018 Fellowship Alumna, Kenya
A group of people work around a table, with a woman standing up looking at their papers.
Juliet engages with participants in a workshop.

In this YALI Voices podcast, Juliet Odhiambo, 2018 Fellowship Alumna from Kenya, shares her vision of empowering African leaders with financial literacy skills. She also touches on her goal of connecting young people with their passions as a means of self-advocacy. Now the founder and director of Pesa Savvy, a company that teaches financial literacy, Juliet also teaches young entrepreneurs how to manage their businesses financially for long-term success.

Read the full transcript of the podcast.

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