American Impact Award

The American Impact Award (AIA) is designed to enhance the U.S. impact of Reciprocal Exchange projects. This small grant program provides funds for Reciprocal Exchange Participants to implement programming and/or present at events in the United States that continue, expand, or deepen the local impact of their Reciprocal Exchange projects. Participants from all Reciprocal Exchange years who have not previously been awarded an AIA are eligible to apply for grants of up to $3,000 to support a follow-on AIA activity related to their Reciprocal Exchange project.

2022 AIA Recipient Sharon Hill brought together Fellowship Alumni, U.S. Government representatives, and former Reciprocal Exchange Participants to discuss issues facing women and girls in Africa and strategies to empower them.

As the focus of this award is domestic U.S. impact, projects should clearly demonstrate both direct and indirect impact on U.S. stakeholders such as local businesses, community groups, youth organizations, and/or Fellowship Institute Partners. The intent of the AIA is to increase the number of U.S. beneficiaries who gain global skills, cultural knowledge, and strategic partnerships as a result of the Reciprocal Exchange component of the Mandela Washington Fellowship.

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