Averty Ndzoyi

2015 Fellowship Alumnus, Republic of the Congo

Access to Education Changing Lives for Indigenous Youth in the Congo

We can’t talk about peace, we can’t talk about development, we can’t talk about good governance or democracy, without education.”

Averty Ndzoyi, 2015 Fellowship Alumnus, Republic of the Congo
A man in a suit smiles and holds a certificate
Averty receives his completion certificate at his Leadership Institute at The Presidential Precinct in summer 2015.

The World Bank estimates that there are approximately 476 million indigenous people worldwide, making up just over six percent of our global population. Though each individual community is unique in its customs and traditions, they all, too commonly, face similar challenges of stigmatization by area non-indigenous residents. Issues of access – to economic mobility, basic healthcare, and sanitation resources – remain widespread; yet, while indigenous communities uphold a wealth of resources in biodiversity and ancestral knowledge, geographic and language barriers have instilled a most extreme barrier of access to traditional education.

Learn more about how 2015 Fellowship Alumnus Averty Ndzoyi is trying to change that by creating opportunities for students in his community in the Republic of the Congo in this article from The Presidential Precinct.

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