Anna Duba

2016 Fellowship Alumna, Kenya

Alumna Receives Global Nursing Award

The Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award recognizes the phenomenal contribution of nurses to the healthcare delivery system globally. With over 24,000 entries from 184 countries, 2016 Fellowship Alumna Anna Duba was selected as the 2022 Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award.

Anna was the first graduate from her village and the only educated child in her family. After winning the Miss Tourism Kenya title in 2013, Anna used her influence to advocate for gender equality and education in her community. As founder of the Qabale Duba Foundation, she built a school in her village where children could study in the morning and adults in the afternoon. Apart from learning to read and write, women at the school learn about the sexual and reproductive health and rights. As a result, female genital mutilations and early marriage had reduced tremendously, the community opened up to women giving birth in hospitals, and more mothers started sending their daughters to school.

Learn more about Anna and her award in the above video and from Aster Guardians.

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