Josephine Kamara

2021 Fellowship Alumna, Sierra Leone

Dear Young Leaders: An Essay

Woman smiles and holds up 2 certificates
Josephine holds her certificates from the Fellowship and The Presidential Precinct, which hosted her Leadership in Civic Engagement Institute.

After applying for the Fellowship three times, Fellowship Alumna Josephine Kamara of Sierra Leone was delighted to join the 2021 Fellowship cohort on her fourth try. “These failed attempts taught me that I needed to work on myself, master my craft, be more committed to service, acquire more knowledge – I needed time to grow,” says Josephine.

When the Fellowship announced that the 2021 program would be virtual, Josephine was sad but not disheartened.

Our virtual Fellowship was no doubt challenging – most of us had to balance work, family, and the Fellowship on any given day – but I can say for sure that it was a great experience. This cohort proved that tough situations have a tendency to build tough leaders who can pull through with grace and flair. The entire Fellowship experience has also taught me to never doubt my strength.”

Josephine Kamara, 2021 Fellowship Alumna, Sierra Leone

Learn more about Josephine’s experience and her advice for future Fellows in this article from The Presidential Precinct.

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