David Mono Henry Danga

2019 Fellowship Alumnus, South Sudan

Fellowship Alumnus Recognized for Outstanding Investigative Reporting

Photo from “Sucked Dry

Congratulations to 2019 Fellowship Alumnus David Mono Henry Danga of South Sudan, a multimedia journalist, who was recently recognized at the Fetisov Journalism Awards for Outstanding Investigative Reporting. With a team of other reporters, David contributed to a piece titled “Sucked Dry” about huge swaths of land acquired by foreign investors in Africa’s Nile River Basin that have exported profits and displaced communities.

David is the founder and managing editor of The Insider, an online investigative journalism platform and also reports for Voice of America and The Continent. He is also a trainer at the Media Development Institute in Juba and a member of the Centre for Collaborative Investigative Journalism.

Learn more about the award and the reporting in this article from the Fetisov Journalism Awards.