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Inspiring Future STEM Careers Through Science Fairs

Video care of GirledUp Ghana

In November 2023, 2022 Alumni Justina Onumah and Evans Duah of Ghana collaborated on a Reciprocal Exchange with five U.S. participants to launch the new GirledUp Ghana initiative. The project sought to inspire underprivileged girls to take up career paths and leadership roles in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, but more than that, it wanted to help them kickstart their career journeys and mentor them as they succeed.

The in-person project culminated in a science fair, helping lay the foundation for partnerships and future GirledUp Ghana events. Watch this video to learn more.

A group of women in matching t-shirts that say "GirledUp Ghana" smile for a group photo
Reciprocal Exchange participants pose for a group photo.

Many thanks to the U.S. participants who helped make this Reciprocal Exchange project a success:

  • Jaelynn Craighead
  • Yolanda Curtis
  • Amara Galileo
  • Oyenike Olabisi
  • Christina Wesolek

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