Joyce Wambui Kamande

2019 Fellowship Alumna, Kenya

Growing up in rural Kenya where farming was the core business, social entrepreneur and 2019 Fellowship Alumna Joyce Kamande has always been passionate about supporting farmers and young people in rural areas.

Her company Safi Organics, is contributing to sustainable agriculture and food security by boosting the productivity of struggling farmers. The vision of Safi Organics is to be the leading converters of farm waste to high-quality carbon-negative fertilizer that increases farmers yields.

During her Leadership in Business Institute at Oklahoma State University, Joyce interacted with Oklahoma entrepreneurs for practical know-how about modern farming in the U.S. and how the youth in the U.S. are adapting to agriculture.

Upon her return to Kenya, Safi Organics applied for and was awarded a $25,000 USAID, USADF and Citi Foundation grant to offer capacity building on sustainable farming to over 3,000 farmers.

Learn more about Joyce’s work in the AllAfrica article.

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