Rugiatu Kanu

2023 Fellow, Sierra Leone

Meet the Sustainable Farmer Empowering Women Through Agriculture

Rugiatu during her Leadership in Business Institute at Clark Atlanta University.

2023 Fellow Rugiatu Favour Kanu wants to leave the future of farming in good hands. That’s why she started her business, Slay Farms, in Sierra Leone. On her 10 acres of land, Rugiatu works with other women farmers while teaching them everything she knows about sustainable agriculture. This endeavor has earned her the nickname, “The Slay Farmer.”

Slay Farms is more than just a company; it’s also a community. By building a network of woman farmers who share their expertise, Rugiatu has created a space where women with shared goals can empower each other. The farm hosts a variety of learning events to spread information about the latest sustainable agricultural technology. It also connects farmers with a wider market for their goods.

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