Nangamso Koza

2015 Fellowship Alumna, South Africa

YALI Voices Podcast: Nangamso Koza is Bringing Educational Opportunity to South Africa’s Eastern Cape

That’s what education is about … giving hope where there is no hope and … giving people a reason to dream beyond their current socioeconomic challenges.”

Nangamso Koza, 2015 Fellowship Alumna, South Africa

Nangamso Koza’s greatest goal is to help the youth and her community grow. That is why she founded the Inqubela Foundation, dedicated to providing leadership and literacy access to her community. The Inqubela Foundation is committed to ensuring schools in developing communities are run effectively and become leading centers of academic excellence and leadership development.

Learn more about Nangamso’s work and how she’s empowering her community through education in this YALI Network podcast. Read the full transcript of the podcast.

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