Nombuso Simelane

2018 Fellowship Alumna, Eswatini

YALI Voices Podcast: Nombuso Simelane Wants Girls to Glow in Eswatini

Helping must not be about money, but it must be about knowing that you can give an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Nombuso Simelane, 2018 Fellowship Alumna, Eswatini

A great deal of our future lies in the hands of top leading women. Contributing to this pool of tomorrow’s professionals, Nombuso Simelane, 2018 Fellowship Alumna from Eswatini, starts at the beginning by helping them grow and glow from the ground up. A graduate student in education, Nombuso utilizes her passion for teaching to enhance the lives of female youth in her Eswatini community. Her joint focus on teaching and mentorship is a valuable tool for her partnership with the U.S. Peace Corps GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) program, directed at instilling professional qualities in underprivileged women and girls.

Learn more about Nombuso’s work in this YALI Network podcast, and read the full transcript of the podcast.

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