Manka'ah Che

2019 Fellowship Alumna, Cameroon

Putting Nutrition on the Map in Cameroon

The first 1,000 days of an infant’s life are crucial to his lifelong health… It was my work with these infants that drove me to nutrition and to telling their stories.”

Manka’ah Che, 2019 Fellowship Alumna, Cameroon
A group of people smile for the camera holding signs featuring the Fellowship logo, #YALI2019, #MyMandelaLegacy.
Manka’ah and other Fellows check in at the beginning of the 2019 Summit.

Manka’ah Che, a 2019 Fellowship Alumna from Cameroon, is passionate about educating people across her country — especially mothers — about the importance of early nutrition. Growing up in Bamenda, many children did not have enough to eat, and it was this early exposure to malnutrition that, in part, sparked her interest. Learn more about Manka’ah’s work in this YALI Network blog post.

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