Keenese Katisenge

2019 Fellowship Alumna, Botswana

She’s Creating an Inclusive World, One Chess Game at a Time

Keenese Katisenge, 2019 Fellowship Alumna2019 Fellowship Alumna Keenese Katisenge is the founder of Limitless Minds, a chess academy for people with special needs in Botswana.  In addition to chess programs for the visually impaired and other marginalized groups, her organization also offers mentorship, workshops, and literature classes in service of creativity, innovation, and social inclusion.  On the heels of the COVID-19 outbreak, Keenese has also begun working with local organizations across Botswana to educate her peers about the increasing risk of domestic violence.  Read more about Keenese’s work empowering marginalized populations and educating her community in this blog post from the YALI Network.

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