Ruaa Ahmed

2019 Fellowship Alumna, Sudan

Sudan’s Success Hinges on the Youth

I encourage all the young people I meet to get involved in their communities, to volunteer. See what your community needs and start working on that.”

Ruaa Ahmed, 2019 Fellowship Alumna, Sudan
A woman in a medical coat waves a Sudanese flag high in the air
Ruaa waves a flag during a demonstration in 2019.

As the Head of the Clinical Governance Department of the Patient Safety Directorate at the Federal Ministry of Health, Ruaa Ahmed knows firsthand the public health challenges that Sudan faces. But she also knows that no challenge in Sudan is insurmountable because its youth know that the country deserves better and have the power to lead it to a more successful future. Read more of her advice for youth hoping to make changes in their countries in this YALI Network blog post.

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