Olive Michele Dol-Somse

2016 Fellowship Alumna, CAR

Working for Women’s Financial Empowerment in CAR

Financial empowerment should be the center of all our attention. If we want to end gender-based violence and achieve gender equality, we need to allow women to choose the type of life they want, which requires financial freedom.”

Olive Michele Dol-Somse, 2016 Fellowship Alumna, Central African Republic

To improve financial literacy among women in the Central African Republic, 2016 Fellowship Alumna Olive Michele Dol-Somse founded Bekilita, a social enterprise that educates, trains, and empowers women through paid work. Through Bekilita, Olive aims to change the common misconception that women cannot impact the business world. She hires and trains women in communication, marketing, and business strategies to compete with other companies in the local market.

Learn more about her work on women’s financial empowerment in this YALI Network blog post.

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