Auxence Muhigwa Akonkwa

2018 Fellowship Alumnus, DRC

YALI Voices Podcast: Auxence Muhigwa Talks Producing Healthy Soybean Oil in the DRC

Believe that you can start something and make it.”

2018 Fellowship Alumnus Auxence Muhigwa Akonkwa

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Auxence Muhigwa Akonkwa grew up, agriculture is a sector that is often overlooked. He believes that developing and growing the agriculture value chain is key to supporting farmers, packagers, distributors and the youths he employs.

Auxence, founder and chief executive officer of the Center for Youth Emancipation and Development (CYED), decided to produce high-quality and cholesterol-free soybean cooking oil to help bring economic prosperity to his community. He is intent on providing food security and employment to as many agriculturists as possible.

Learn more about how Auxence’s journey in agribusiness and read the full transcript of the podcast.

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