Constance Munyenyembe

2018 Fellowship Alumna, Malawi

YALI Voices Podcast: Constance Munyenyembe Is Looking for a Few Good Agripreneurs

There are so many opportunities in agribusiness… as a young person, if you have the passion for entrepreneurship, you have the passion for business, you can utilize your skills to help farmers and then turn your idea into a business.”

Constance Munyenyembe, 2018 Fellowship Alumna, Malawi
Constance introduces a speaker at the Africa Agribusiness Academy Malawi stakeholder meeting. 

Constance Munyenyembe knows that without a viable agriculture system, communities will fail to grow. As Malawi’s coordinator for the Africa Agribusiness Academy, she wants to highlight many of the opportunities agribusiness can provide for young people, a field that can shape the lives of millions, and help young people learn about the opportunities to help solve the country’s food security issues. Constance and the team at AAA design effective ways to produce goods and focus on how to use business techniques in order to market and sell those viable products.

In this YALI Voices podcast, Constance talks about how she is changing the narrative about the booming agribusiness industry. Read the full transcript of the podcast.