Shaban Senyange

2018 Fellowship Alumnus, Uganda

YALI Voices Podcast: Shaban Senyange Highlights Benefits of Wildlife Conservation in Uganda

The biggest problem that we have facing the environment right now in conservation is the fact that people think someone else will come and save the environment for you. And it could be as easy as making sure that plastic bottle, after you’ve, you know, taken your soda or juice, is properly disposed… [it] looks like a very, very simple act, but it really, really can create, you know, such an immense change in the system.”

Shaban Senyange, 2018 Fellowship Alumnus, Uganda

From filming in front of television cameras to planting seeds in Uganda’s soil, 2018 Fellowship Alumnus Shaban Senyange spotlights the mutual benefits of wildlife conservation.

Though his family ideals pointed toward a career in the medical field, Shaban’s belief in the prosperity of both humans and wildlife proved to be the leading force of his career in media and community outreach. Coexistence means healthy humans, healthy animals, and healthy ecosystems — a concept behind several of his environmental campaigns, such as Greening Schools, as well as his travel and eco-awareness show, ECOZONE.

Learn more in this YALI Voices Podcast and read the full transcript on the YALI Network website.

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