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2021 Mandela Washington Fellows

Igniting Hope: 2021 Fellows Call for Global Change

Education is fundamental when you’re working with people… and you really want to make an impact. I have worked with different women in different stages [of life]… and I have had real results by listening to them, paying attention to their deepest concerns, but more importantly, spending time educating them. Education is key.”

Claudia Duarte Silva Gomes, 2021 Fellowship Alumna, Cabo Verde

As a part of their Leadership Institutes curriculum, all 2021 Fellows prepared and delivered Ignite Talks, short 3-5 minute inspirational and informative TED Talk-style presentations. Eight Fellows were ultimately chosen to present their Ignite Talks during the 2021 Fellowship Virtual Summit.

Eager to share what they learned in the Fellowship and what matters they feel are most pressing, Fellows had the opportunity to use their Ignite Talks to define themselves both professionally and personally. From challenges faced in early childhood to the state of forests and climate change, each talk found common ground in humanitarianism and the Fellows’ ultimate goal to make the world a better place for all.

Learn more about some of the Ignite Talks presented by Fellows studying Leadership in Public Management through the University of California, Davis in this article.

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