Osman Abdal Timbo

2015 Fellowship Alumnus, Sierra Leone

Integrity Is Earned, Not Bought, Says One Young Leader in Sierra Leone

For me, a perfect world is one where resources are shared evenly, where you appreciate someone for what he brings to the table, not for his tribe, his language, or where he comes from. We [the youth] are the majority and the future is ours. It’s our responsibility to fight wrongdoing.”

Osman Abdal Timbo, 2015 Fellowship Alumnus, Sierra Leone
A man in a suit sits in a tiered auditorium with a placard that says "Sierra Leone"

Learn more about how Osman Timbo, 2015 Fellowship Alumnus from Sierra Leone and former Member of Parliament, is advocating on behalf of the underserved in Sierra Leone and providing legal advice to more than 5,000 people in the state in this YALI Network blog post.

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